Anyone who knows me well has been witness to my sweet tooth. Snickers and cupcakes with cream cheese icing are my weakness, I admit. Upon starting this cleanse I thought it would be so hard to give them up. (Dark chocolate and natural forms of sugar are allowed in small quantities) I thought I’d have dreams where I’m driving through Candy-Land valley and I’m surrounded by mountains of red velvet cupcakes.

So I watched the documentary Hungry for Change to help myself better understand why I craved candy so much. I’ve already explained in a prior blog how our Palaeolithic ancestors endured feast and famine and liked to fatten up for the winter.

The documentary helped me better understand my relationship with food so I was better prepared for those moments of temptation. Nothing is more empowering than self control.

The best tip the documentary gave me was to change the way I think. Instead of thinking “I want that cupcake but I can’t have it,” I now think “I can have it, but I don’t want it.” Guess what? IT REALLY WORKS.

Your mindset makes all the difference in the world.

If you think like this, not only will you endure your detox or diet but you won’t even miss those foods you love so much.

2013 is our year to be healthy, let’s do it right. Starting from the inside and work outward. And let’s encourage and inspire each other. Please feel free to contact me if you want some support.

MANTRA: I can have it, but I don’t want it.

Flawless: The Intense 10-week Workout Plan

FLAWLESS WEEK1Just finished doing this intense workout. It is a part of a 10-week program that can give you the body of your dreams. (Including eating healthy whole foods)

I like to keep a journal on hand to note changes in strengths, weaknesses and any increases in weights or intervals.

If you are a glutton for punishment or determined to whip yourself into shape, this is the workout program for you.

I’m officially starting this workout next week and am slowly easing myself into it this week due to it’s intensity and my brief hiatus from weights.

Happy sweating.

Eat Organic and Save Your Life!!!

Eat Organic

A common misconception is that eating healthy is expensive. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Prepackaged foods may look cheaper initially but once you factor in the quantity of food that needs to be ingested to feel full verses the price per a pound, veggies win every time.

Since humans are originally hunter/gatherers our bodies have adapted to a lifestyle of feast and famine. That means that our body stores up fat during the times when we feast so that we can survive any possible famines, which happened very often during the Palaeolithic age. This is why we always crave the fats and sugars that are available in prepackaged foods.

While good fats, the kinds your body actually craves, (Omega 3, 6 and 9 monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats found in Olive Oil and Avocados) help the body better function and maintain healthy organs, these aren’t the kinds used in prepackaged foods. The bad fats that are used aren’t as filling and require consumption of a larger amount to reach satiety.

Vegetables and fruits are filled with antioxidants, phytonutrients, nutraceutical, vitamins and minerals things that nourish your body and make it work more efficiently. But they are also an excellent source of  fibre, keeping you fuller longer.  Also the fibrous composition of many veggies and fruits help burn lots of calories just during the digestion process. (negative calorie foods anyone?)

Factor in the potential health problems associated with eating processed fats and refined sugars, the endless prescriptions and uncomfortable lifestyle adjustments (wheelchairs, pacemaker) and you’ll realize that it is always cheaper to eat healthy. Organic foods are best because they won’t poison your body with unnecessary chemicals. The price difference is minimal but the effects are lasting. Unlike buying cheap clothes, buying cheap food isn’t a smart or necessary financial decision, its a method of gambling with your life.

So stop falling for the marketing hype and eat foods that heal you from the inside out. You’ll notice an increase in vitality in less than a week.

Three Step Detox


I’m starting my day with 2 tbsps of Flor Essence herbal tea blend mixed into a cup of hot water, taken 30 minutes before eating. (2 times a day) It’s got a slight delightful bitterness and goes down easily.

Next up, the Pro Essence (Urinary Tract Antiseptic) capsule 15 after that. Be sure to drink lots of water with this capsule as it is designed to cleanse your entire urinary system including your kidneys, bladder and ureter tubes. Lots of peeing required. (also take twice a day)

Lastly is the Florlax II colon cleansing powder. Take this three times a day in about a cup of water or juice (freshly squeezed) before meals. Be prepared to spend lots of quality time with your porcelain throne. I know I am! Sexy I know.